German butchery. Completely handmade cold meat.

Felipe runs away from importation and frozen products. At his workshop it is daily produced all kinds of handmade cold meat and butchery products. To do it, each week Felipe collects goat meat and pork meat (from Fuerteventura’s insular abattoir , located in Puerto del Rosario) and thus he elaborates up to 70 own items, with goat salami as the best one, an unique product in the island.

Among other delicacies, he also offers: Chorizo , smoked sausage, beef sausage or cheese sausage, smoked ham, meat pie (baked) and meat pie with vegetables, smoked sausage with garlic, chorizo with Tabasco and pepper.

Felipe comes from Germany and holds the diplomatic degree in butchery. It consists of a degree which only exists in Germany but which he uses to support products without additives, fresh and not frozen.

His effort to get better has made him experiment now with different techniques to send to market German sausages with fresh goat meat, specially designed to barbecues and grills typically canary.


Carnicería Felipe (Gran Tarajal)